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Live resin is essentially a cannabis concentrate made by blasting it with solvents like butane, propane, or butane hash oil (BHO) and pressing it from freshly harvested marijuana plant material that has been flash-frozen (or fresh frozen) at sublevel temperatures.
This concentrate’s high price is precisely due to its unique extraction method. It lets you skip the curing and drying steps. The fresh, or “live,” plant, on the other hand, is frozen shortly after harvesting. This is why some cannabis products that you may have seen on the market are referred to as “live.”

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Before it becomes the product you see on the shelf at your local dispensary, the cannabis plant can go through a wide range of processes. The trimming, curing, drying, and extraction procedures, among others, can be used to preserve or prepare the finished product. During these, the marijuana’s natural terpene profile is damaged, resulting in the loss of nearly 55% of terpenes and other natural plant compounds.
The live resin’s terpene profile can be kept as close to that of the fresh plant as possible thanks to the one-of-a-kind extraction method, which typically results in a more robust aroma and flavor.

How are live Resins made

It’s easy to understand why live resin is frequently referred to as “terpy.” Monoterpenes, which have a light flavor and aroma, and sesquiterpenes, which have a stronger flavor, make up the majority of live resin.
Live resin production is difficult, so attempting it at home is strongly discouraged. It necessitates specialized equipment and a thorough comprehension of the procedure.
The conclusion: The best way to make live resin is to hire professionals.
Cannabis buds and other plant material have been separated, dried for up to ten days, and then cured by growers for centuries. During the curing process, edible flowers, smokable flowers, and numerous oil extracts are produced.
What is live resin? In the past, hash was the closest thing you could get to live resin. Additionally, Kind Bill was an expert hasher. He would heat dried cannabis, sift the terpene-rich trichomes to collect them, heat them, and press them into tightly packed hash.
Things get a little more technical here. The trichomes contain terpenes, correct? The terpenes are extremely volatile, and when the plants are dried out and hung, a lot of them evaporate. To produce live resin, the trichomes must be separated from the plant without compromising the terpenes.

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Kind Bill froze cannabis that had just been harvested at an extremely low temperature. He separated the beneficial cannabinoids from the trichomes of a “live” flower using butane or BHO as a solvent. The outcome? a super-fresh concentrate that live resin connoisseurs refer to as “liquid gold.”
Kind Bill was fortunate to be caught up by technology. To prevent evaporation, growers now freeze cannabis at harvest using dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Extractors heat butane, BHO, or other hydrocarbon solvents with specialized laboratory equipment and apply pressure to release live resin.