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Vaping cannabis is a method of inhaling the drug to get high or get its therapeutic benefits. Cannabis vaporization takes place at a lower temperature than weed smoking, which results in combustion.
Convection and conduction heating methods are used in vaporization rather than flames to keep cannabis from burning and producing smoke. Compared to smoking, vapor frequently provides a smoother inhale and a more robust flavor.
In smoking and combustion, a flame, like a lighter or match, is put directly on the cannabis flower, causing smoke and a stronger high.

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Vapes are unquestionably here to stay, but few consumers appear to comprehend where they came from, how they function, or what they can offer new customers or those who are sick of using other methods of consumption. Everything you need to know about vaping weed can be found here.
Interest in vaping technology has skyrocketed over the past few decades, largely as a result of our addiction to tobacco and nicotine and our search for healthier methods of inhalation. In 1927, Joseph Robinson filed one of the first patents for an electronic vaporizer for plant compounds.
Throughout the 20th century, additional endeavors followed, including a nicotine patch invention by Jed Rose that sought to minimize the negative health effects of tobacco. The Shake and Vape was created in 1993 by Eagle Bill, a Cherokkee medicine man. It was a pipe that vaporized cannabis.

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The Volcano Vaporizer was introduced for the first time by Storz and Bickel in the year 2000. The electronic cigarette was created in 2003 by Chinese businessman Hon Lik. Cannabis oil vapes began appearing on the shelves of dispensaries within a decade, and dabbing cannabis began to reappear in the cannasseur community after being banned in the 1970s. Vaping is now just another way to consume cannabis, and in 2021 alone, disposable and cartridge vapes made over $2 billion.
Benefits of vaping marijuana The belief that vaping was healthier than smoking tobacco or cannabis and inhaling carcinogenic smoke was the driving force behind its invention. The majority of people today choose to vape because they believe the risks to their health are lower.
Additionally, people prefer a discreet, portable device that can be used without leaving a pungent odor of weed smoke on their person or in the air. Cannabinoids and terpenes can also be activated more effectively at controlled low temperatures before they are destroyed. Oil-based vape pens offer more potency than cannabis flower, and some claim that vaping produces stronger effects than smoking.
However, there is some disagreement. Although it is debatable whether vaping is healthier, cannabis smoke, like any substance burned, contains carcinogenic substances that can affect lung function and immunity.
According to a University of Michigan study, vaping marijuana is even more harmful than smoking marijuana or cigarettes. The concept is also questioned in our own 2022 article. Additionally, cannabis users are more exposed because they tend to take their hits longer than cigarette users.
However, as cannabis continues to be a controlled substance under federal law, it is challenging to investigate vaping’s long-term effects, and additional research is required.

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