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Cocaine is a stimulant that is made from the leaves of the coca plant Erythroxylon coca Lam, which is grown in the Andes of South America. Powder cocaine can be taken in the form of snorting or injecting it. It can also be consumed in the form of paste, which is also smoked, and crack cocaine, which is typically smoked.
Many indigenous people in the Andes have chewed coca leaves for thousands of years to reduce hunger and produce a mild, stimulating effect. This is still a common practice today.
Until the early 20th century, this new “wonder drug” could be found in many medicines and popular health tonics, including Coca-Cola. Scientists first isolated cocaine from coca leaves in the 1850s. It was legal until 1914, when the Harrison Narcotics Act effectively made it illegal.

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It is now a Schedule II substance, which indicates that the federal government has determined that it can be misused and become dependent on it. However, it is also approved for use in medicine and can be prescribed for limited use as a local anesthetic.
The drug in its powder or crystal form is referred to as cocaine. Most of the time, the powder is mixed with sugar, talcum powder, corn starch, or other drugs like procaine (a local anesthetic) or amphetamines.
Cocaine, which is made by extracting it from coca leaves, was initially developed to treat pain. Most of the time, people sniff it, and the powder gets into the bloodstream through the tissues in the nose. Additionally, it can be consumed or rubbed into the gums.
Abusers inject the drug to accelerate its absorption into the body, but this significantly raises the risk of overdose. It is safer for your health to inhale it as smoke or vapor than to inject it.

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One of the most dangerous drugs known to man is cocaine. It has been found to be nearly impossible for a person to break free of the drug’s physical and mental hold once they begin taking it. It physically stimulates the brain’s key receptors, which are nerve endings that sense changes in the body. This, in turn, creates a euphoria, which users quickly become accustomed to. The same effect can only be achieved by using the drug at higher doses and more frequently.
Cocaine is now a multibillion-dollar global business. Users range in age, profession, and financial standing, including children as young as eight.
Cocaine abuse can result in a stroke, cerebral hemorrhage (brain bleeding), heart attack, or respiratory failure (breathing failure). Cocaine addict mothers’ offspring are themselves addicts when they are born. Numerous birth defects and other issues affect many people.
Cocaine use continues to rise despite its dangers—likely as a result of users’ difficulty avoiding the initial steps on the long, dark path to addiction.

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