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The abbreviation for crystal meth is “crystal meth.” Methamphetamine comes in many different forms.
Methamphetamine is a white, crystal-clear drug that can be smoked, injected with a needle, or snorted (inhaled through the nose). Because the drug induces a false sense of happiness and well-being—a rush (strong feeling) of confidence, hyperactivity, and energy—all users develop a strong desire to continue using it. Some even take it orally. Additionally, one loses appetite. These effects of the drug can last anywhere from six to eight hours to up to twenty-four hours.
Although methamphetamine may initially provide some pleasure, it immediately begins to destroy the user’s life.
Crystal meth is a potent stimulant that can give users feelings of euphoria and high energy, according to Trusted Source. Because of these euphoric effects, people may choose meth.
Additionally, meth can lead to rapid weight loss, increased libido, and intense alertness and concentration.

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In the hopes of losing weight, improving their sexual performance, reducing depression, or improving their ability to concentrate at work or school, some people self-medicate for these effects.
Crystal meth’s effects last for six to twelve hours for the majority of people, making the “high” much longer than that of cocaine or other stimulants. Because of its longer-lasting effects, some choose meth.
However, as is the case with most addictive substances, prolonged use of True Source meth causes the body to develop tolerance for it. A person’s high is less intense as a result. Additionally, it lessens the drug’s desired effects, such as an increase in libido and concentration. A person may use more crystal meth to get the same high they used to get with a lower dose due to this tolerance.
This can eventually result in addiction. These and other drugs may be used by people with substance use disorders to feel normal. They may experience painful withdrawal symptoms if they stop using them.
Dopamine reuptake is halted and the neurotransmitter’s release is increased by crystal meth. Consequently, the body’s levels of dopamine rise.
Motor function, motivation, reward, and the way the brain experiences and interprets pleasure are all influenced by dopamine.

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Soon after taking the drug, a person feels euphoric due to the dopamine rush in the brain’s reward centers.
The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that brain imaging studies on people who have used methamphetamine in an inappropriate way for a long time show that the activity in the dopamine system changes in such a way that it can seriously affect a person’s ability to learn to speak and move.
The structure and function of the brain can also be severely affected by crystal meth. It affects structures associated with judgment as well as emotional and memory-related regions of the brain. As a result, it may significantly alter emotions and behaviors.
This could help explain why crystal meth users frequently experience mental and emotional difficulties.
Even after a person has stopped using crystal meth, some of the brain changes caused by improper use continue. After prolonged periods of abstinence, other brain changes may return, but this may take up to a year.

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